We are committed to precision and unrelenting service.

As veterans and family of active duty soldiers, we understand the pressure of preparing for training and our primary interest is helping you prepare not to “pass” but to prevail with absolute confidence.

We created Ready Packs to help you prepare for layout and to help you anticipate the unexpected so your learning will be enhanced and your training will be successfu

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Vince - Founder of Ready Packs, LLC and creator of Ranger Packs

Meet the Founder

Hi, I’m Vince. I’m a former Navy carrier pilot and Fort Benning Jump School grad from a long time ago and I have two sons presently serving in the US Army.

As a professional business leader, I spend a lot of time creating efficient processes that lead to successful outcomes. After months of interviewing soldiers and researching possibilities, my crew assembled and provided the very first Ranger Pack on April 3rd, 2017 – a service offering developed with great passion to preserve soldier resources and to help them prepare to succeed.

Since 2017, we’ve provided almost 2,000 Ranger Packs, Sapper Packs, and ROTC Packs to soldiers and cadets across the globe. We’re very proud of what we do but we’re even more proud of those who have chosen to serve.


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