Protractor Pack (2 protractors)


We call these the “finest protractors on planet earth” because they were customized by us, for you.

Note: Two of these protractors are included in every Ranger/Sapper Pack, but it’s always good to have backups in case yours or your buddy’s gets lost, stolen, or misplaced.

Every good land nav event starts with an accurate plot and every good plot starts with a precisely designed protractor. The Ready Packs protractors are the best, hands down, and we know this because Tabbed soldiers contact us for more long after they graduate!

  • Perimeter is trimmed of excess plastic
  • Graduated X-Y scales on interior triangles are perfectly aligned with plastic edges
  • Corners are slightly rounded so they’re more comfortable in your pocket
  • Plastic material is thicker and more durable than most retail versions
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Due to long delivery times and unreliable service, we don’t ship to APO’s via the US Postal Service. However, there are many good, safe, reliable options.  Most soldiers ship to CONUS friends/family and we also ship directly to the UPS Store on Fort Benning where Ranger Packs are safely held for your arrival. Please call for details