Sapper Pack Basic


Sapper Packs are a consolidated fulfillment of roughly 95 required and optional items from the Sapper School Packing List. Quality brands; relevant quantities; smart packing.

Recommended Items:

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NOTE: One balaclava is included with your pack, but you may purchase extras below.

Socks, Darn Tough (3-pack)
Running/PT Socks, Darn Tough (Single Pair)
Socks, Fox River (6-pack)
Socks, Jefferies (2-Pack)
Boot Size / Sock Size
Ranger Panty (AKA "the silkie")
Waistband Size
XGO Tees — Relaxed Fit, Lightweight Technical,1G16M, Tan
XGO Boxers — Lightweight, 1G13X, Tan
Waistband Size
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Due to long delivery times and unreliable service, we don’t ship to APO’s via the US Postal Service. However, there are many good, safe, reliable options.  Most soldiers ship to CONUS friends/family and we also ship directly to the UPS Store on Fort Benning where Ranger Packs are safely held for your arrival. Please call for details