Sapper Pack Basic


Sapper Packs are a consolidated fulfillment of roughly 95 required and optional items from the Sapper School Packing List. Quality brands; relevant quantities; smart packing.

Recommended Items:

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army duffel bag
mechanix fast fit gloves product image
knee caps product image
multi-tool product image
High quality Ready Packs protractor
darn tough socks product image
Socks, Darn Tough (3-pack)
Socks, Darn Tough PT (T4093)
Socks, Fox River (6-pack)
Socks, Omni Wool Tactical (3-pack)
Ranger Panty (AKA "the silkie")
Waistband Size
XGO Tees — Relaxed Fit, Lightweight Technical,1G16M, Tan
XGO Boxers — Lightweight, 1G13X, Tan
Waistband Size
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