The Ready Packs Battle Book


By popular demand, we are proud to present our newest option: the Ready Packs BATTLE BOOK!  While The Rite in the Rain cordura zip-cover protects against rain and moisture, the Rite in the Rain 6-ring binder keeps everything in perfect order. Inside, there are 15 pages, professionally printed and laminated including:

  • Op Ord Shell (10 pgs)
  • 9-Line (1)
  • SALUTE (1)
  • TTLODAC (1)
  • Range Card (1)
  • Patrol Base Layout (1)

You also get two pens, two pencils, a retractable yellow highlighter, a black grease pencil (for writing on the laminate), a 3×5″ Rite in the Rain spiral notebook, and one of the world’s finest protractors. Top it all off with a NiteIze S-Biner attached to the Battle Book with paracord so it’s all easy to secure and carry.

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