Battle Book


For Op-Order planning and presentation, nothing compares to the Ready Packs BATTLE BOOK!
The Rite in the Rain cordura zip-cover protects against rain and moisture and the 6-ring binder keeps everything perfectly organized. Inside, there are 15 professionally laminated and printed pages including:

  • Op Ord Shell (10 pgs)
  • 9-Line (1)
  • SALUTE (1)
  • TTLODAC (1)
  • Range Card (1)
  • Patrol Base Layout (1)

You also get two pens, two pencils, a retractable yellow highlighter, a black grease pencil (for writing on the laminate), and one of the world’s finest protractors. Top it all off with a NiteIze S-Biner attached to the Battle Book with paracord so it’s all easy to secure and carry.

The Battle Book was initially intended for ROTC Cadets (they all love it), but it has been catching on with soldiers around the world!

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Due to long delivery times and unreliable service, we don’t ship to APO’s via the US Postal Service. However, there are many good, safe, reliable options.  Most soldiers ship to CONUS friends/family and we also ship directly to the UPS Store on Fort Benning where Ranger Packs are safely held for your arrival. Please call for details