Tactical Planning Kit


The Ready Packs Tactical Planning Kit (TPK) is just what the doctor ordered for thorough terrain modeling and operations planning. It works perfectly with the Battle Book and includes:

  • Binder clips, 1.5″ black
  • Chalk, chalkboard sticks, bright, multi-colored 12-pack
  • Highlighter, yellow retractable
  • Index Cards 3×5, multi-colored, 100-pack
  • Marker, dry erase, regular size, misc color
  • Markers, Staedtler Lumocolor, .4mm S, 4-pk w case
  • Pencils, Grease, black, blue, red
  • Pouch, water resistant zipper pouch, Black, 8″ x 12″L
  • Protractor, navigation, 5″ x 5″, pre-trimmed, extra thickness, relieved corners
  • Rings, metal 2″ snap to close (for making flip cards)
  • Tab markers, colored adhesive
  • Terrain Model Kit, Colored paracord, 20 blank white markers, 5 colors long golf Tees
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Due to long delivery times and unreliable service, we don’t ship to APO’s via the US Postal Service. However, there are many good, safe, reliable options.  Most soldiers ship to CONUS friends/family and we also ship directly to the UPS Store on Fort Benning where Ranger Packs are safely held for your arrival. Please call for details