Pass layout and prepare to succeed.

Get 90% of your packing list in minutes.

"Victory Pond is a destination reached through preparation and determination."

Pinning the Tab:
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Too many soldiers drop on Day Zero due to basic packing list mistakes.
Don’t let that happen to you.

"Took 20 minutes to get 90% of all my packing list. Thanks so much for doing this for us and saving everyone time and money!"
Zach Army Ranger
Tabbed Ranger Packer

What's in a Ranger Pack?


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Why invest in a Ranger or Sapper Pack?

Frequently Asked Questions

Click here to see. You may want to add items like winter weight socks, or high-speed gloves for rapelling. Be sure to pay attention to the small stuff like having proper medical forms signed by a medical doctor.

Orders received by noon (weekdays) typically ship same-day. Transit times may vary but generally:

West Coast: 6 days
MidWest: 3 days
East Coast: 2 days
Alaska & Hawaii: 3 days

Need Express shipping? Call us.

Short answer: YES.

Ranger Packs items, quantities, and brands have been recommended by hundreds of Tabbed soldiers who used Ready Packs in their training schools.

Remember – it’s not just about passing layout. Ranger Pack helps you prepare for the entire journey. Good leaders prepare for the unexpected and good leaders think about backing up their teammates.

“By failing to prepare, you’re preparing to fail” ~ Benjamin Franklin

Prepare to succeed.

Absolutely, yes. There are always certain days with certain RI’s that lead to legendary stories about equipment or supplies being thrown out. RI’s have a lot of authority and often make what seem to be random decisions. The good news is that ARTB is pretty familiar with Ranger Packs, how they’re packed, and what’s inside.

Many have shopped the Ranger Pack content list, item by item, and consistently arrive at totals over $1200. So, yes, this is a great financial investment.

Beyond the money, think about TIME.  Shopping & researching, finding and receiving the correct items, unpackaging & waste removal, re-packing for layout.

Ranger Pack exists to reduce anxiety and help you prepare to succeed. We work hard to make sure it’s a great value, and thousands of Ranger Packers will readily agree.

No. Ranger Pack is designed as a “system” of kits that work together for max benefit. The Tactical Planning Kit and the Battle Book can be purchased separately but the TPK is already included in Ranger Pack and the Battle Book is awesome, but not allowed in Ranger School.

"Just received and did the inventory on my Ranger Pack and everything looks great! I'm actually really pleased with the way everything is packed and the choice of items. The headlamp choice is awesome, the exact one I always opt for and I'm loving the flashlight choice as well. Everything seems high quality and smartly packed. I really appreciate the product!"
Patrick Army Ranger
Tabbed Ranger Packer
Ranger Packs logo

Stop worrying about the packing list.

Get a Ranger Pack and Prepare to Succeed.

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Due to long delivery times and unreliable service, we don’t ship to APO’s via the US Postal Service. However, there are many good, safe, reliable options.  Most soldiers ship to CONUS friends/family and we also ship directly to the UPS Store on Fort Benning where Ranger Packs are safely held for your arrival. Please call for details